01. The Challenge

Everhome Healthcare came to us as CHC Health Services and had an immediate need to re-brand their business before launching their digital marketing efforts. Changing the name of their company would provide some inherent challenges, but was a necessary step before investing heavily in their marketing efforts. Similar names existed in the market, and their name wasn’t clear in what they did, nor provided any sense of feeling or emotion. 

We needed a lot of help with our digital marketing and branding & Careviva was able to come in and immediately help us strategize and launch a re-brand of our company as well as put in the pieces to help us build a digital marketing effort. They’ve been an invaluable partner for us.
– Jodell Estrada

02. The Work

  • brand strategy and execution
  • social media management
  • search engine optimization
  • blog management
  • PPC
  • website management
  • online review management

03. The Results

The brand awareness campaign contributed two essential components to the strategy. First, this type of campaign allows us to introduce the offering of EverHome without the pressure of a call to action. Also, this campaign performs best with a video ad, which allows us to capture an engaged audience to use in retargeting. We utilized one video ad throughout the campaign and this saw reach steadily increasing while cost per 1,000 people reached remained low and steady. In total, we reached 64,768 at a cost per 1,000 people reached of $7.91.

The link clicks campaign represented the final part of the funnel. We utilized the audiences engaged in the above campaigns and retargeted them with ads within this campaign. This proved to be very successful. We utilized static image ads and optimized throughout the months. This means that ads that performed well received additional allocated budget while the ads that underperformed had budget removed. This ensures that we keep a low cost per result. This campaign achieved 895 link clicks at a cost per click of just $0.65.